Perfect Dark N64

Solo Missions
Mission 1

dataDyne Defection: Overview

1:Disable Internal security hub
2.Obtain keycode necklace
3.Download project files
4.Disable external comms hub
5:Gain entrance to laboratory

DataDyne Research: Investigation

1:Holograph Radioactive Isotope
2.Start Maintenance Cycle on the Security Systems
3.Shut Down the Experiments
4.Obtain Items of Experimental Technology
5:Locate Dr. Caroll

DataDyne Central: Extraction

1:Access the foyer elevator
2.Reactivate Elevator
3.Destroy dataDyneHovercopter
4. Defeat Cassandra's Bodyguards
5:Return to Helipad for Evacuation

Mission 2

Carrington Villa: Hostage One

1:Save the negotiator
2.Eliminate rooftop snipersr
3.Activate Wind Generator
4.Locate and Stop dataDyne Hackers
5:Capture Enemy Guard
6:Rescue Carrington

Mission 3

Chicago: Stealth

1:Retrieve drop point equipment
2.Attatch Tracer to Limousine
3.Prepare escape route
4.Create vehicular diversion
5:Gain Entry to G5 building

G5 Building: Reconnaissance

1:Disable damping field generator
2.Deactivate laser grid systems
3.Holograph meeting conspirators
4.Retrieve Dr. Caroll backup from safe
5:Gain Entry to G5 building

Mission 4

Area 51: Infiltration

1:Shut down air intercept radar
2.Plant comms device on antenna
3.Disable all robot interceptors
4.Gain access to hangar lift
5:Make contact with CI spy

Area 51: Rescue

1:Destroy computer records
2.Locate conspiracy evidence
3.Obtain and use lab technician disguise
4.Gain access autopsy lab
5:Rescue the crash Survivor

Area 51: Escape

1:Locate Alien AutoSurgeon Device
2.Rendezvous With Agent
3.Gain Entry to Secret Hangar
4.Revive Maian Bodyguard
5:Escape from Area 51

Mission 5

Air Base: Espionage

1:Obtain disguise and enter base
2.Check in equipment
3.Subvert security monitoring system
4.Obtain flight plans from fafe
5:Board Air Force One

Air Force One: Antiterrorism

1.Locate and retrieve equipment
2.Locate President
3.Get President to escape capsule
4.Secure Air Force One flight path
5.Detach UFO from Air Force One

Chash Site: Confrontation

1.Retrieve Presidential Medical Scannert
2.Activate Distress Beacon
3.Shut Down Enemy Jamming Device
4.Retire Presidential Clone
5.Locate and Rescue President

Mission 6

Pelagic II: Exploration

1:Disable primary power source
2.Secure laboratories and research data
3.Deactivate GPS and autopilot
4.Activate Moon Pool lift
5:Rendezvous and escape with Elvis

Deep Sea: Nullify Threat

1:Reactivate teleportals
2.Disable Cetan megaweapon
3.Secure control room
4.Restore Dr. Caroll`s personality
5:Escape from Cetan ship

Mission 7

Carrington Institute: Defense

1:Reactivate automatic defenses
2.Release hostages
3.Retrieve experimental weapon
4.Destroy sensitive information
5:Deactivate bomb

Mission 8

Attack Ship: Covert Assault

1:Disable Shield System
2.Open Hangar Doors
3.Access Navigational Systems
4.Sabotage Engine Systems
5:Gain Control of the Bridge

Mission 9

Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine

1:Identify temple targets
2.Activate bridge
3. Gain access to inner sanctum
4.Assassinate Skedar leader

Special Assignments 1

Mr. Blonde's Revenge

1:Plant explosive device in lab lift
2.Eliminate dataDyne captain
3. Locate and escort Cassandra to heli-pad

Special Assignments 2

Area 51: Maian SOS

1:Sabotage enemy medical equipment
2.Destroy captured Maian saucer 3.Activate distress signal

Special Assignments 3


1. Kill Skedar King 1
2. Kill Skedar King 2
3. Kill Skedar King 3

Special Assignments 4

The Duel

1. Defeat dataDyne guard
2. Defeat Jonathan Dark
3. Defeat Trent Easton