Free Radical Designs first game TimeSplitters was released on October 26, 2000 on the launch of the PlayStation 2. Dave Doak, Stephen Ellis, Karl Hilton, Graeme Norgate and Lee Ray set up shop in February 1999 and begun working on their first game since leaving Rare in late 1998.

The game was well received it had fast paced gameplay and a smooth frame rate. The game much like most of the teams earlier game Goldeneye on the N64. TimeSplitters featured drop down guns instead of having to animate the reload and hands like Perfect Dark released earlier in May of that year.

The story mode was more simplistic likely due to the games relatively short development of around one and a half years. There were few objectives; in most instances levels required retrieving the time crystal, stopping the TimeSplitters and returning the the start of the level.

Each mission gave the player the option of playing of selecting either one of two characters for a specific time period.

Below are quick play throughs of the story missions and screenshots of the playable characters from each time period.

1935 Tomb

Opitons Opitons

1970 Chinese

Opitons Opitons

2005 Cyberden

Opitons Opitons

1950 Village

Opitons Opitons

1985 Chemical Plant

Opitons Opitons

2020 Planet X

1965 Mansion

2000 Docks

2035 Spaceways