TimeSplitters 2

Map Maker
The Map Maker in TimeSplitters 2 is improved upon the version in the first TimeSplitters game.

You have options to create complex levels of your own design. You can use the many tile sets, choose different themes, music, place enemies, spawn points, weapons, ammo, turrets, change lighting and more.

You can also create your own single player levels with objectives.

Below you will find an over view of the different screens and features of the map maker. There is a Beginner and Advanced mode, the advance mode is displayed below.

Options for the maps, Tile set, Weapons, Bots, Music, Description and Briefing to make your map more immersive by adding a story. Other tile sets include: VIctoria, Alien Gothic, Industrial and Virtual.

These are some of the various tiles available, they can all be joined in different ways. The blue lines represent where those specific tiles can be attached. The red lines indicate where doors, other tiles can attach and the thicker grey lines on the perimeter indicate the outside walls of the tile.

Items screen
Some of the item features available in the game include Start Points, Guns Ammo, Health n' Armor, Power ups, Teleports, Bags n' Bases, Objects, Keys and Zones.

Items maps
This is an overview of the main maps screen showing all the items, including enemies, ammo, guns, crates, etc. (This map was an attempt to recreate the classic Facility level from Goldeneye N64.)

Light options
This screen indicates the lighting options for different colors and attributes.

Story enemies screen
This shows the attributes assigned to the specific enemies; ie patrol or stationary.

Game Logic
The Game logic shows the end point of the map, the point where you activate the switch and the bag of money listed as objectives.

Game Logic Screen
The final screen shows the Game Logic operations for the story mode.

A basic attempt to recreate the Facility level from the Classic Goleneye 64.

Custom Alien Map playing deathmatch, it mainly shows one area of the map.

A basic attempt to recreate the Classic Goleneye 64 Mission Bunker II.