TimeSplitters 2


The story begins with Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart flying into the TimeSplitters space station base. Here they battle the TimeSplitters and attempt to retrieve the Time Crystals. The TimeSplitters are able to round up the Crystals and escape through the time portal. The Splitters transport the crystals to different locations and time periods through out human history on Earth.

Arriving just after the Splitters enter the portal Cortez and Hart take control of the Splitters time portal and travel through time to retrieve the crystals. In each different location through out history they must inhabit the body of a person in that era and location. Their primary objective is to regain the time crystals and defeat the TimeSplitters.
"Out of the darkness they came with a hateful will to destroy humanity. We fought long and hard but now we are lost for they have taken their evil war into our past. Travelling through time they have sewn corruption unravelling the fabric of our history. Our last chance is to strike back seize the time crystals and turn their twisted weapon against them. The fight for survival has begun."

This is a mission-based game where the players are able to play as different characters through out time. Locations span from 1853 to 2401. There are three difficulty modes, easy, normal and hard. The game can be played in co-op or solo. You can also unlock cheats and bonuses in Arcade mode while playing story mode.

The time periods consist of: Oblansk Dam, Siberia 1990 - Chicago 1932 - Notre Dame, Paris 1895 - NeoTokyo, Japan 2019 - Return to Planet X 2280 - Atomsmasher 1972 - Wild West 1853 - Aztec Ruins 1920 - Robot Factory 2315.

Oblansk Dam, Siberia 1990

Main objectives:

Deactivate the communications dish.
Burn all evidence in the filing cabinets.
Investigate the secret digging site.
Restore Power.
Retrieve the Time Crystal.
Destroy the bio-hazard contariner at the digging site.
Access the top of the dam.
Eliminate the gunship.
Don't allow any mutants to survive.
Escape through the time portal.

Chicago 1932

Main objectives:

Drain the whisky barrels.
Rendezvous with your informant.
Protect Marco as he returns to his hideout.
Prevent Tony's brother from escaping.
Obtain the Nightclubs pass card.
Retrieve the Time Crystal.
Minimize civilian casualties.
Escape through the time portal.

Notre Dame, Paris 1895

Main objectives:

Rescue the maidens.
Help the hunchback escape with the maiden.
Fight off the Portal Daemon.
Make your way to the roof to escape NotreDame.
Retrieve the Time Crystal.
Escape through the time portal.
Eliminate Jacque de laMorte

Return to Planet X 2280

Main objectives:

Repel the beach attack.
Locate the crashed UFO.
Fight off the raid on the crashed UFO.
Shoot down the escaping UFOs.
Find the UFO base.
Retrieve the Time Crystal.
Escape through the time portal.

NeoTokyo, Japan 2019

Main objectives:

Follow the hacker to the research area.
Obtain the hackers password.
Gather evidence of TimeSplitter research.
Upload the evidence to the local police server.
Retrieve the Time Crystal.
Deactivate the TimeSplitter machine.
Escape through the time portal.
Minimize civilian casualties.

Atomsmasher 1972

Wild West 1853

Aztec Ruins 1920

Robot Factory 2315.

TimeSplitters 2 running on PS4 in Homefront: The Revolution.